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Status: Recently Adopted
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  • Breed: Brittany & Labrador Mix
  • Gender: Male
  • DOB: 2017-05-01
  • Size: Large
  • Hair: Medium
  • Small Child Friendly: No
  • Cat Friendly: No

Meet Ronnie! He’s a fun, sweet, 9 month old male puppy.
We were told Ronnie is a Brittany/Labrador cross. However, his looks and characteristics seem to show us that he has some other breeds also in him. He would be a fun one to do a dna test on!
Ronnie is being fostered by a family with four large dogs and two kids over the age of 10. He is crate trained and housebroken. He also knows various commands. He has a good start on his obedience training!
Ronnie loves playing with all the other dogs. His favorite game is tug a war. He also loves to give kisses.
He is easy to groom and is fine with his nails being clipped, bath time and even the hair dryer! He is a awesome dog and will be a great companion!
Come meet your new best friend!

Adoption Policy:

  • Complete an adoption application and submit it. You will receive an onscreen confirmation we received it.
  • Once your application is initially reviewed, we then contact your veterinarian and references. After that, a H.E.L.P. volunteer will contact you. Please be patient, this does take some time especially over a weekend. Please allow 24-72 hours for us to make contact with you.
  • All members of the family must be present in order to adopt. We want to make sure it's a good fit for everyone!
  • Because this is a life time commitment, once you meet the foster dog, there is a 24 hour waiting period for you to make sure that the fit is right for everyone. So many people see a cute face and want to take them home right away without really thinking about it. The waiting period also allows you to get supplies ready for your new one.
  • We do not ship dogs within or out of the state.


  • Puppies 12 months and younger are $300.
  • Adult Dogs over 12 months and younger than 7 years old are $250.
  • Senior Dogs over 7 years are $200.