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Status: Special Needs
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  • Breed: DSH - Brown/Black tabby
  • Gender: Female
  • DOB: 2012-03-01
  • Size: Medium
  • Hair: Short
  • Small Child Friendly: Yes

Athena is a brown/black tiger/tabby. She came to HELP from the streets of Chicago. While I am sitting on the couch, she will come over and put her front paws on my legs, waiting for me to let her know she can jump on my lap. She will immediately rest her head and wait for her head/ears to be scratched. She keeps herself amused and likes people. She rarely interacts with the other kitties. She was initially thought to have a cleft palate, but it turned out to be an Indolent Ulcer (rodent ulcer or eosinophilic ulcer more commonly known by) which is an ulcerative skin problem that is usually associated with an underlying hypersensitivity, most often flea allergy but also food allergy and atopy. The lesions they get can begin as small, crater like ulcer with raised margins that most commonly affects the upper lip. It can become disfiguring, but it is not painful or pruritic. Managed by controlling allergies (diet), sometimes systemic antihistamines may reduce clinical symptoms, and sometimes steriods are needed to induce remission.
Cats that have underlying allergies that are managed successfully have an excellent prognosis.
She has had a couple of flare ups, but is not on continuous medicine. (I have used atopica to clear up the initial outbreak and one cycle since then). Also, early in the year, I thought she had a uti, but it was just inflammation (caused by stress?). The doctor said to give her cosequin for the inflammation. She has not had a reoccurance.

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