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Status: Special Needs
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  • Breed: DSH- black
  • Gender: Female
  • DOB: 2011-07-01
  • Size: Medium
  • Hair: Short
  • Small Child Friendly: No

Luna had a very rough start. She was found unconscious and severely injured in a window well by a Good Samaritan homeowner July 2012. The Good Samaritan took her to St. Charles emergency vet. Luna’s leg was broken and dislocated with bone exposed. She couldn’t walk on the leg because of the bent angle of her leg. She was patient and quiet when they were taking care of her. What a little survivor. Never a peep or hiss from her, it is as if she knew she was going to be taken care of. They stabilized her, bandaged her leg and put her in a warm cozy cage to recuperate. She was severely emaciated, and when offered food, she ate voraciously! She was transferred 3 days later to St Charles Vet Clinic where she was taken in by H.E.L.P and then put in intensive care. She was very skinny, only a little over 5 pounds.
After blood work, medication, good food, loving care and attending to her leg for several weeks hoping to save it, she ultimately had to have her back leg amputated.

She went into foster 8-24-12 totally healed from her physical ordeal weighing a normal weight. She just needed to live in a normal house where she could feel secure. She was originally kept in a large enclosure in the dining room to acclimate to her new surroundings. She ate well, got used to people and other animals but was still shy and somewhat fearful. Eventually, she was let out to have free roam of the house with the resident 5 cats and a dog. She did quite well warming up to most of the cats, dog and adults. She has come out of her shell and will approach us to be scratched and sit on our laps. She will run and hide if people come over to the house, but with just her people, she does not hide at all. She will need some patience and understanding to get her to warm up to your home.

Her needs are simpleā€¦.. She would love a quiet home with possibly a mellow cat or two, and a quiet adult or two. Because she is still fearful, she should not have children in the home. Introduction to your resident cat should be very slow.

The adoption fee covers up to date on vaccinations, microchip, rabies vaccination, and vet check.

If you have it in your heart to give a forever home to a very deserving sweet girl, please fill out the application and contact us. H.E.L.P. toll-free at 877-364-2286

Adoption Policy:

  • Complete an adoption application.
  • Once you have submitted the application, a volunteer will contact you within 24 hours.
  • All members of the family must be present in order to adopt. We want to make sure it's a good fit for everyone!


  • Kittens under 1 year are $200, Cats over 1 year are $100. A 2nd kitten is 1/2, adopted at the same time.

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