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Status: Special Needs
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  • Breed: DSH- brown/black tiger with white
  • Gender: Male
  • DOB: 2012-03-17
  • Size: Large
  • Hair: Short

Recently, a cat wondered into my backyard. He was very friendly and crawled into my lap. I live in an area with coyotes and did not want to leave him outside. Since I foster cats, I put him in my bathroom.

I brought the kitty to the vet the next day and he was chipped. I tried to track the owner down and found out that he moved out a state. I have attempted to get in touch with his previous owner but to no avail. I have posted signs throughout the neighborhood and on the neighborhood website. I have gone door to door and no one has claimed Rocky.

The rescue group I am a part of agreed to take him on. As a result, I took him to the vet for a checkup. Unfortunately, his blood work came back as FIV positive. He is very sweet and loves to be petted. He will give you a head butt if you are not giving him enough attention. He always uses the litter box.

FIV is a virus that attacks the immune system. While not a death sentence for these cats, catching a cold or other virus can be much harder on them to clear. FIV is contracted by deep bite wounds so you can imagine what this poor boy had to go through outside. There is usually nothing different in caring for these babies then any other cat. This is a feline virus that humans can not get. There is no medications or special treatment needed for a FIV cat. Just like with your own cat if you see something amiss they should go to a vet sooner rather than later because of a lower immune system. He should stay a indoor cat only. Otherwise, nothing about owning a FIV positive cat take any extra effort or expense during their good years! They are just like normal cats.

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  • Kittens under 1 year are $150, Cats over 1 year are $100.

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