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About H.E.L.P.

H.E.L.P. obtains veterinary care, food and shelter for stray and abandoned cats and dogs until they are adopted into loving homes. H.E.L.P. does not have a facility. The animals live in our volunteers' homes. We feel that foster care benefits the animal and the potential adopter, as it allows us to work on health or behavioral issues while providing a safe, healthy, happy environment until a cat or dog is adopted.

In addition, fostering enables us to get to know an animal so we can better match the cat or dog to their person or family.

Homeless pets are referred by police departments, veterinarians, other shelters and people in the community. Each animal is thoroughly examined by a veterinarian, is vaccinated, dewormed, receives the necessary blood tests, and is eventually spayed or neutered. They are then taken to a foster home for recovery from surgery, if necessary, socialization and evaluation. 

H.E.L.P. is essentially a no-kill organization. We are proud to take in animals that other organizations would not otherwise help. We do not have time limits on the animals in our care and we do not euthanize animals with health issues or non-terminal illness. However, we will not prolong the suffering of an animal with a personality that would make living in a home with people a miserable experience. Furthermore, we do not keep animals in foster care whose temperament poses a danger to people or other animals. 

We are a 501(c)3 charity that relies on donations and volunteers from the community as well as fundraisers to support the organization. We receive no money from federal, state, or local government.




Mission Statement

H.E.L.P. is a volunteer based, not for profit organization in the Fox Valley, IL area.  H.E.L.P. strives to provide medical care and a safe, happy, and comfortable living environment for as many cats and dogs possible while maintaining a high standard of care for these animals and making a best effort to ensure these animals are adopted into quality adoptive homes. H.E.L.P. is committed to educating the community on improving the lives of pets, and reducing the stray and abandoned domestic animal population as well as to promote spay/neuter programs.

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